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Prairie Crocus Circuit

The Prairie Crocus Circuit is a grassroots show circuit, intended as an entry level competition for new and renewing riders.  The PC Circuit will be held on sand at 5 shows at Birds Hill Park.  The shows included:

Victoria Day (Ring 5)

Summer Smiles (Ring 3)

Summer Out of the City (Ring 5)

Fall Harvest (Ring 3)

Jump Into Fall (Ring 5)

Classes include: 

X-rail to 2’3 Hunters (Saturday)
X-rail to .70m Jumpers (Sunday)

Memberships: MHC and MHJA Prairie Crocus Membership will be required. ($25). MHJA Prairie Crocus is an introductory membership with no volunteer fee, but it is required for points in the circuit.


X-rail combined Sr Competitor
X-rail combined Jr Competitor
2’/0.60 m combined Sr Competitor
2’/0.60 m combined Jr Competitor
2’3/0.70 m combined Sr Competitor
2’3/0.70 m combined Jr Competitor

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