Annual General Meeting (AGM)



The Board of Directors would like to extend a warm thank you to those who attended and participated in the governance of the association. We appreciate the feedback on what is going well, as well as what can be improved.

2021 Reports

AGM Minutes from February 28, 2021

President's Report- Andrew Curry

Sponsorship Report- Gillian Dobson

Treasurer Report- Hugh CrawleyProfit Loss Statement 2020,   Budget 2021

Show Chair Report- Julie Wilson & Tracy Vestby

Points Chair Report-Hayley Bembridge- no report for 2020

Communications Report- Christine Budzak

Athlete Development Report-Elizabeth Abraham

Equipment Report- Andrew Curry

Hospitality Report- Carol Lavalee- nothing to report for 2020

Volunteer Chair- Erin Turksi- no report

Membership Chair Report-Erin Turski- no report

Manitoba Horse Council Report- Danae Martin