2020 & 2021

The Global pandemic made 2020 and 2021 challenging years for running horse shows. Fortunately we were able to run a few shows each year, however we were unable to run a full season and thus were not able to tabulate points for year end awards.  Looking forward to a full season this year and wish everyone health and good luck going forward.

2019 Year End Awards

Grand Championships

Hack of the Year – West Indie     

Hunter of the Year –  Kalaho

Jumper of the Year – Fool Proof

Hunter Divisions

Open 2'3”

Champion: Captain KC Cuchulain- Tina Schweizer

Reserve: Rising Sun Fallen – Esmee Schipper  


Starter Hunter

Champion: Victory Call- Rider- Pam Elder, Owner- Shelby Joss

Reserve: Mystical Magic – Kennedy Teske


Jack Benny Hunter

Champion: Carolus Magnus VII – Billy Wiltshire

Reserve: Sportsman – Kim Robinson

Evergreen Jr. /Ami. Hunter

Champion:  Whiskey Mack – Clare Mackley

Reserve: Boomer – Victoria Carter

MHJA Pony Hunter

Champion: Boomer- Rider, Victoria Carter, Owner- Judith Carter

Reserve: Rising Sun Fallen- Esmee Schipper


2'9” Open Hunter

Champion: Three Cups Jackson Spring – Izzy Biron

Reserve: Grassmere – Dominic Good


2'9” Jr /Ami. Hunter

Champion: Earro – Alyssa Nelson

Reserve: Bugatti MHS – Lauren Fedoriw


MHJA 3’0” Hunter JA

Champion: Bugatti MHS – Lauren Fedoriw

Reserve: Revielle – Patricia Woodman Hooker


Senior Low Hunter

Champion: Kalaho- Rider- Pam Elder, Owner- Sheila Williams

Reserve: Grassmere- Rider- Dominic Good, Owner- Clare Harris

3'0” Open Low Hunter

Champion: Kalaho- Rider- Pam Elder, Owner- Sheila Williams

Reserve: Grassmere- Rider- Dominic Good, Owner- Clare Harris

3'3” Development Hunter

Champion: Blueberry Hill – Kate Curry

Reserve: Furioso et Valse – Becky Adams


3’6” Modified Hunter

Champion: Furioso et Valse – Becky Adams

Reserve: Celtic – Don Dorsch


Jumper Divisions 


Champion: Sun Tsuzy – Pam Elder

Reserve: Bumblebee – Kerry Van-Braeckel


 0.85m Jr./Ami Jumper

Champion: Quinn – Allison Shaw

Reserve: Talladega Knights – Alyssa Murray

0.90m Open Jumper

Champion: Kalaho – Pam Elder

Reserve: Fancy Free – Dominic Good


0.90m Jr./Ami Jumper

Champion: Action Adventure – Shelley Hallick

Reserve: Cienna – Mya Oakley


1.00m Open Jumper

Champion: Fancy Free – Dominic Good

Reserve: Ferdinand – Andrew Curry


1.00m Jr. Ami/Jumper

Champion: California – Alex Campbell

Reserve: Bently – Michelle Johnson

 1.10 m Jumper

Champion: Fool Proof – Pam Elder

Reserve:  Ferdinand -Rider- Andrew Curry, Owner- Pam Turski


1.15 m Jumper

Champion: Lochinvar – Pam Elder

Reserve: *TIE* Carman S- Callie Hilton, and Fool Proof – Pam Elder

1.20 m Jumper

Champion: Gini Zero Z – Kate Curry

Reserve: Carmen S – Callie Hilton


1.30+ m Jumper

Champion: Simba – Eric Martin

Reserve: Cronique – Becky Adams

Equitation and Hack 


C” Equitation

Champion: Victoria Carter

Reserve: Abby Halloran


B” Equitation

Champion:  Isabell Lobb

Reserve: Tommi-Jane Giesbrecht


“A” Equitation

Champion: Hayley Anderson

Reserve: Laura Glover

Spirit of Pan Am: Mya Oakley

Combined Hack

Champion: West Indie – Patricia Woodman Hooker  

Reserve: Made You Look – Rylee Kehler


Encouragement Awards

Sr. Hunter – Skoal – Rachel Heywood

Jr. Hunter – One More Round – Samantha Speirs

Sr. Jumper – Hero’s Outlaw – Jessica Boswick

Jr. Jumper – Wren – Fiona Van Der Meer


Thoroughbred Awards

Low Hunter: Lipstick/ Owner: Clare Harris- Rider: Dominic Good

Intermediate Hunter: Mae Pinninger & Maccabi

High Hunter: Jessi Good & Brinello : Owner: Clare Harris

Hack: Daunte- Madison Strain

Low Jumper: Shelley Hallick- Action Adventure

Intermediate Jumper: Gillian Dobson- Exquisite

High Jumper: Kirsten Seeley- Rusty Nail

SIFTON TOP THOROUGHBRED AWARD- Brinello; Owner- Clare Harris/ Rider- Jessi Good

Canadian Bred Young Horse Awards

Four Year Old Champion Jumper: Cienna- Mya Oakley

Four Year Old Champion Hunter: Ferdinand- Owner: Pam Turski, Rider- Andrew Curry

Five Year Old Champion Jumper: No Boundaries- Ashley Buss

Fiver Year Old Champion Hunter: iCandy- Owner: Maria Reimer, Rider- Kate Curry

Catherine McCullagh Award

In recognition of the annual MHJA Volunteer of the Year- Nicole Gorman