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The points are calculated on a scale of;

1st = 7 points

2nd = 5 points

3rd = 4 points

4th = 3 points

5th = 2 points

6th = 1 point.


Exception: The points calculated for equations and hack classes are calculated on a scale of;


1st = 5 points

2nd = 3 points

3rd = 2 points

4th = 1 point.


All shows that are counted are worth the same value regardless of show level.

For a horse and rider to be eligible to accumulate points both the rider and the owner need to be a member of MHJA by the start of the show. Points will be counted from the time a person becomes a member - so this means that if someone was to compete at fair but didn’t purchase a membership until after or at the next show the points from fair would not count for that said person (this rule goes for both owner & rider).

Any event/class that is not offered in at least 3 shows does not count for year end awards.

Special hunter points are counted in the “open” class for that height. For example Hunter Special 3’0 gets counted in open low. All hunter derby (Summer Smiles & Fall Harvest) points are counted in open low.

The Global pandemic made 2020 and 2021 challenging years for running horse shows. Fortunately we were able to run a few shows each year, however we were unable to run a full season and thus were not able to tabulate points for year end awards.  Looking forward to a full season this year and wish everyone health and good luck going forward.

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