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  • What is the difference between Hunter and Jumper?
    The difference between hunters and jumpers is best summarized as subjectivity vs. objectivity. Hunters are judged subjectively, by a human. Judges place horse and rider pairs based on rider ability, horse ability, and style. Jumpers however, are judged objectively, against the clock with faults such as knock downs and refusals added to the score.
  • Do I need my own horse to become a member of the MHJA?
    No you don't. Anybody can take out a membership. For more information or to purchase/renew, See link below.
  • Can I compete at MHJA shows without a membership?
    Manitoba Horse Council (MHC) memberships are required at all shows and events. Equine Canada (EC) Sport Licenses and MHJA Memberships are required for rated shows. The difference between Gold, Silver, Bronze and Schooling shows are based on EC standings. Schooling: Manitoba Horse Council (MHC) membership required. No prize money. Bronze: MHC, MHJA Membership and Equine Canada (EC) Bronze License are required. Silver & Gold: MHC, MHJA, Silver/Gold EC License and Horse Recordings are required. For memberships and info, see below links.
  • Do I need to be a member of any other organizations when I become a member of the MHJA?
    MHC memberships are required to compete at all MHJA events. EC (Equestrian Canada) sanctioned shows require competitors to have the appropriate level of sport license. MHJA memberships are required for all shows except Ride of Rides, Summer Out of the City, and Jump into Fall.
  • How do I find a coach?
    Please contact the Manitoba Horse Council:
  • How do I become a sponsor?
    Please contact our Sponsorship Chair, Christine Budzak. See link below.
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