2021 Board of Directors 

Executive committee:

 Billy Wiltshire – President

Carol Lavallee – 1st Vice President and Hospitality chair

Jennifer Perron – 2nd Vice President and MHC liaison

Hugh Crawley – Treasurer

Sean Adams – Secretary

Board members:

Andrew Curry – Immediate Past President and Assistant Treasurer

Tracy Vestby – Co – Show chair and Website administrator

Izzy Biron – Athlete Development and Barns and Coaches liaison chair

Erin Turski – Equipment chair

Hayley Bembridge – Awards’ Points chair

Christine Budzak – Communications chair

Gillian Dobson- Sponsorship chair

Cate Chant – Membership chair

Nicole Gorman – Volunteer chair

Leslie Bachynski –Show rings decorations chair

Danae Martin- Equine Canada Liaison

Nathalie Schipper

NEXT AGM - January 2022 Check out AGM page to learn more!   Everyone is welcome to attend

Committee memberships:

Show committee: Tracy Vestby,  Nathalie Schipper, Carol Lavallee, Leslie Bachynski, Cate Chant, Patty Alfonso(co-opted non- board member)  

Sponsorship committee: Dr. Gillian Dobson, Jesse Good (co-opted non-board member)

Membership committee: Cate Chant, Nathalie Schipper

Athlete development, Barns and Coaches liaison committee: Izzy Biron, Cate Chant, Gillian Dobson

Volunteer committee: Nicole Gorman, Erin Turski

Show rings’ decorating committee: Leslie Bachynski, Carol Lavallee

Hospitality committee: Carol Lavallee, Leslie Bachynski


MHJA Board members’ term expiration dates per constitution, but eligible for re-election:

Expiring February 2022:

Erin Turski, Gillian Dobson, Cate Chant, Danae Martin, Hugh Crawley, Nathalie Schipper, Tracy Vestby

Expiring February 2023:

Billy Wiltshire, Leslie Bachynski, Julie Wilson, Christine Budzak, Carol Lavallee, Sean Adams, Haley Bembridge, Izzy Biron, Jennifer Perron, Nicole Gorman

No expiration of portfolio until change of President: Immediate Past President – Andrew Curry


Updated: 8 April, 2021.

Billy Wiltshire, President: MHJA

Message from Dr. Billy Wiltshire: President of the Manitoba Hunter Jumper Association

Dear MHJA members,

It has been two months since our virtual AGM on 28th February with a good turnout and presence of members in attendance. A lot has happened and continues to happen since the AGM.

We say thank you to Andrew Curry who stepped down after 4 years as President, but remains on the Board as Immediate Past President. Patty Alfonso also stepped down after at least 25 years on the board as well as Elizabeth Abrahams and Mirjana Janzen. Patty will remain as a member of the Show Committee. Thank you all for your service to the MHJA during your tenure on the Board.

We are excited to welcome some new MHJA Board members, Izzy Biron, Nicole Gorman and Jennifer Perron.

 The full list of 2021/22 Board members, portfolios and committee memberships can be found on the MHJA website.

We are planning a full slate of Hunter-Jumper shows for 2021,with all the Covid pandemic safe guards in place and being compliant with the Provincial Health Orders, which we are following keenly and prepared to make adjustments as required to keep everyone safe, yet able to continue our outdoor competitions at both Bird’s Hill Park and the Red River Exhibition grounds.

Memberships are due by April 30th 2021, so if you have not yet renewed your membership, please do so before Friday.

I am honoured to have been re-elected as President of the MHJA and am fortunate to be able to work with all the talented, enthusiastic Board members who are so passionate about our wonderful sport.

Wishing everyone “Happy Riding” and lots of fun and success and enjoyment for the 2021 Show Season – See you all at the Victoria weekend Horse Show soon.


Best regards


Billy Wiltshire: President MHJA

26th April 2021