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The Manitoba Hunter Jumper Association is made up of a volunteer Board of Directors who dedicate innumerous hours of their personal  time to the development of riders, both young & old, in the sport of show jumping.  We have various committees that run our events throughout the year.  Additionally we have committees that  search out sponsorship support- both in kind and financial to continue to run a non-profit organization that can promote the show jumping sport.

It is this tireless dedication of our board that has given our membership the opportunity to achieve tremendous success, not only having a ton of fun competing provincially at our shows and others held in the province, but also have had much of our membership over the past 75 years compete nationally and internationally.  

We have about 10 meetings throughout the year and other committee meetings are held separately as necessary.  Each person on the board is elected in for up to two years and can run for re-election at that time. 

If you are interested in being a board member- please reach out to any of our current board members.

2024 Board of Directors 

Executive committee:

 Lauren Perry – President

Jennifer Perron– 1st Vice President

Leslie Bachynski – 2nd Vice President

Nathalie Schipper– Treasurer

Sean Adams – Secretary

Billy Wiltshire – Immediate Past President

Board members:


Lauren Perry- Barns, Coaches and Membership Chair

Hugh Crawley – Equipment Chair

Nicole Boonstra – Sponsorship Chair

Clare Harris– Show Chair

Lana Ochman- Volunteer Chair

Nicole Gorman- Website Chair, Communications Chair

Tristan Caswell- Athlete Development Chair

Sean Adams- Strategic Planning Chair

Jennifer Perron- MHC Liaison

Andrew Curry- Red River Exhibition Liaison

Committee members:

Show committee: Clare Harris (chair),   Carol Lavallee, Patty Alfonso (co-opted non board member), Nicole Boonstra

Sponsorship committee: Christine Budzak (chair), Nicole Boonstra, Margaret Campbell

Hospitality committee: Carol Lavallee, Leslie Bachynski

Athlete Development committee: Tristan Caswell (chair), Lauren Perry, Nicole Boonstra

Volunteers Committee: Hugh Crawley (chair), Nicole Gorman

Awards and Points Committee: Hayley Bembridge (chair), Nathalie Schipper

Strategic Planning Committee:  Sean Adams (chair), Billy Wiltshire, Jennifer Perron, Nicole Boonstra

MHJA Board members’ term expiration dates per constitution, but eligible for re-election:

Expiring February 2024:

Clare Harris, Hugh Crawley, Nathalie Schipper

Expiring February 2025:

Billy Wiltshire, Leslie Bachynski, Christine Budzak, Carol Lavallee, Sean Adams, Haley Bembridge, Jennifer Perron, Nicole Gorman, Nicole Boonstra, Lauren Perry, Tristan Caswell, Margaret Campbell

No expiration of portfolio until change of President: Immediate Past President – Andrew Curry


Updated: August 23, 2023

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