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Welcome to the MHJA membership store.  Memberships are available to purchase online, with a discounted rate available until April 1st. Please note; memberships are non-refundable

Please select the items at the bottom of the page that best suit your needs. We offer the following types of memberships:

Individual Junior (for riders who have not yet turned 18)


Individual Senior (for riders 18+)


Family (member + significant other and/or dependents under 21 living in the same household)


Stable/Owner (for a stable or non-member who owns a horse competing at MHJA events)


Associate (for people who do not wish to compete but would like to support the MHJA)

If you live within an hour of Winnipeg city limits, you will be required to purchase either a volunteer payment or a deposit. Associate, Stable/Owner memberships, and those living more than an hour outside of Winnipeg are exempt from the volunteer requirement.  

A Volunteer Payment is a non-refundable payment made to MHJA that will notify the club of your intention NOT to volunteer during the show season.


A Volunteer Deposit signifies that you DO wish to volunteer. The deposit will be refunded when your volunteer hours are completed. 


While core membership fees remain the same for 2022, going paperless has necessitated a 2.5% service fee that is included in the cost of membership that is advertised online.

New members will be sent a form via email that must be filled out and returned to in order to receive an MHJA number. 

**Confirmation emails may take up to 7 days to receive**

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Cate Chant at

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