Would you be interested in trying a FREE Sample Block Therapy Class?

An Exercise, Therapy and Meditation, all in one

Repetitive movements, injuries or poor posture can lead to ingrained patterns in our fascia, causing strain and eventually pain on our structural system.  Block Therapy is a Myofascial Release technique that can melt away some of the adhesions.  These releases restore flexibility, open obstructed pathways of flow for circulation and nerve supplies as well as improve posture.  This self care practice allows you to be your own ‘massage therapist’.

Date:   Th  Jan 28         Time:   12pm CST   OR  7:30pm
(allow 45 min.s for class)

Location:  Your place, via Zoom
Equipment needed:  What do you have?   yoga blocks, thick paperback novel, yoga balls, foam roller, rolled up yoga mat?  At least one flat top prop is recommended.

Instructor: Cassidy P.  Fitness & Pilates instructor of 25+ yrs experience
Registration:  RSVP by email- to which you will receive a zoom link to join. (day of)

If you'd like to do a little research before the event go to  browse or download FREE e-book
"3 Steps to unblock your body from pain, pressure, fat and fatigue"
or for inquiries regarding specific health concerns go to

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Manitoba Hunter Jumper Assoc. will:

  • Promote the breeding and raising of horses in Manitoba;

  • Promote and encourage more equestrian activities, especially among young people;

  • Support and promote both affiliated Hunter Jumper shows and competitions in Manitoba and strive to raise the performance standards therein.


THANK YOU SO MUCH to our membership and sponsors for your continued support and patience during these trying times. 

The MHJA Board  has been working hard with MHC to put together a plan for our 2020 season that keeps in mind safety of our membership and volunteers. 


If you still need membership for this upcoming show please email Erin Turski @

Final Furlong is an organization that is involved in showcasing and promoting off the track thoroughbreds in Manitoba- Please keep checking their Facebook for information about any of their upcoming events.


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For more information on COVID requirements and protocols for Return to competition please check out Manitoba Horse Councils page. 


Announced November 2, 2019

Sometimes it's easy to have the links on a topic all in one place... please see the following:

1. The EC release, which is more of a background and the details are buried in one link two-thirds of the way down:

Equestrian Canada Press Release November 2, 2019

2. The short version: (Powerpoint published at the EC convention)

Equestrian Canada Announcement Powerpoint

3. The long version:

Full details of each Coaching Licence level, from EC's website

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