Who we are

Manitoba Hunter Jumper Association is a non profit promoter of all equestrian show jumping and hunter jumping.

Here you can find out some information of Manitoba’s organization dedicated to the promotion of equestrian show jumping and hunter jumping. 

The Manitoba Hunter Jumper Association is a non- profit association made up of a volunteer Board of Directors that seeks to achieve the following objectives:


a) To schedule and organize hunter jumper shows

b) To provide liaison with similar equine councils including the Manitoba Horse council and Equine Canada

c) To serve as an educational medium for its members by distributing information relative to the horse industry and equestrian activities by bringing speakers of authority to meetings of the association and by organizing seminars and clinics.

d) To promote the highest standards of care in caring for and working with horses at home and at competitions via paragraph 2b and strictly enforcing Equine Canada rules pertaining to the treatment of horses at horse shows.

In working towards the achievement of these objectives, Manitoba Hunter Jumper Association will:

i) Promoted the breeding and raising of horses in Manitoba;

ii) Promote and encourage more equestrian activities, especially among young people;

iii) Support and promote both affiliated Hunter Jumper shows and competitions in Manitoba and strive to raise the performance standards