NEW Equine Canada Boot Protocol- effective show season 2021

Article 1023 Tack and Boot Checks

1. Stewards are responsible for ensuring tack and boot checks are conducted as described in Articles 1046 and 1047 and in accordance with the Code of Conduct for the Welfare of the Horse.

2. At least two Stewards perform boot checks.

EC rules regarding  boots are outlined as per the following  documents...


For all categories at all  Jumping Events, please note the following:

  •  Bandages may be used instead of hind boots

  •  The use of Vet Wrap or similar bandaging material under hind boots is not permitted

  •  Pull-up socks may be used under hind boots

  •  Pressure socks may be used in the stables and during grazing in-hand, but may not be used during competition, schooling/exercising and lunging, regardless of whether with or without boots

  •  Overreach (bell) boots may be used

  •  Heel protectors with incorporated pastern straps may never be used on a Horse’s hind legs

  • Total weight of equipment on the Horse’s leg cannot exceed 500 grams (see JRs Art. 257.2.3)